Horse Memorial sillouette

If there is something I have a soft spot for as a photographer then its a sunset. You can never get tired of the sun disappearing over the horizon with its coinciding oranges, yellows, blues and purples along with a beautiful afterglow. Even better is when you can find a nice subject to put in the foreground to compliment the sunset. In this case the Horse Memorial here in Port Elizabeth.

For more sunsets and other sky related photos, visit Skywatch.

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  1. Caroline

    Aah – I love that statue! I had a photo of it when i was a kid.Wasnt it to Dick King? But not as nice a photo as yours.

  2. Caroline

    Oh no – it was to the Boer soldiers i think.

  3. Gaelyn

    Looks like the man and horse are really there in front of that colorful sunset instead of being a statue. Very nice capture Jonker.

  4. joco

    Yes, I thought it was real too. Great silhouet.

  5. Wanda

    Love the contrast in this photo…. it's so real.

  6. Hilda

    Beautiful silhouette against a gorgeous sunset!

  7. Hilda

    I've just been to the CDP forum and discovered that it's your birthday! So I'm back to wish you a happy day! 🙂

  8. Ken Worley

    I agree, there is something mesmerizing about watching the sunset.

  9. Anonymous

    I love this!

  10. Jo

    Absolutely beautiful, Firefly. And tugs at my heartstrings to visit PE again. The images look so real, the sunset brings them to life. Greetings from a South African living in North Africa. Jo