Gannet of flight past

I know this isn’t the happiest of pictures, but it still fascinated me when I saw it and I couldn’t help taking a picture of it. It is a dead Cape Gannet which was washed up on the rocks at high tide. I have actually posted another dead gannet photo before (macabre isn’t it?) which can be seen here.

This picture was paired with a poem called Death by Benjamin Saccaggi on The Poetry Project website.


The panorama is mesmerising
And the air clear and clean
As nature stretches away forever
Into the blue horizon
Each plant and animal
A long history of survival
The struggle of life
And the anguish of death

How much of this will we destroy?
In our sad, desperate attempts
To find meaning in the world
Meaning in ourselves
How much of the world will we destroy?
With our unquenchable thirst for wealth
What will be the price?
How much life will die?
How much of ourselves will we kill?

Caught in the crossfire
Of ever warring monies
Spilling our blood perpetuating the system
And when we’re done?
When we’ve destroyed our world?
Devoured its beauty
And consumed ourselves


As the dying breath of the last man
Whispers his regret at extinguishing the fire
Leaving nothing but the cold winds of space
To blow ceaselessly over thoughtless bones


With the flickering death of the last flame
Dies what was once beauty
And life
And consciousness


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  1. Marcelle

    Ag shame…no giggle from me today!

  2. Janet

    … but a giggle from me! When I was little and had an ENDLESS appetite, my Dad used to say “Janet the gannet – where do you put all that food!” So I giggled when I read your heading … its a sad photo though!

  3. leilani

    its part of nature and Fire! You can thank ur lucky starts i wasnt with yah or else we would of been buring a gannert! Services and all!! =0D

  4. Perry

    Sometimes photography is for us. (Well mostly) We take what we see as being interesting and like it. 🙂 I have my share of dead birds too!

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