Tourism marketing and consulting

Let our team assist your establishment to position itself in the inside lane for an advantage over your competition. We’ll advise you on practical aspects to make your guests’ experience better and boost your staff’s customer service. A key aspect of our service is to expand your marketing reach through various channels. This includes optimum online and media exposure, connecting with tour operators and marketing associations, getting included in marketing workshops, media and educational trips, establishing relationships with like-minded establishments and creating packages to enhance your product’s offering.

Social media and digital marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to create awareness around their product as well as to reach prospective and existing customers. Allow us to manage your social media pages, drive engagement and put your brand out there to be discovered.  Let us create unique content, especially for you and engage with your audience. We also offer photographic, graphic design, and content writing services to enhance the content on your social media, website, and blog.

Destination and Product Promotion

Over a period of nearly 15 years, the Firefly blog has become the premier online reference guide for destinations and attractions in the Eastern Cape and beyond. With 23 years of tourism and destination marketing experience, involvement with various destination marketing associations, and a wide network, we are ideally equipped to assist marketing associations and individual products to promote their destination successfully. This ties in perfectly with our own generic destination promotion, suggested itineraries, and very popular monthly Travel Info Newsletter. Rather than having individual lines in the water, chum the water to attract more fish.

Tourism and Events

If it’s just online content you would like, our representatives can visit your establishment and write about their experience firsthand on the Firefly the Travel Guy blog from where it also gets shared on various other online platforms. Individual photos and video clips also get posted on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. You can also share this content on your website and social media platforms. If it is content that you require for your own blog, then you literally kill two birds with one stone.

Future projects include self-drive packages, suggested itineraries, retreats, food experiences and merchandise.

Latest Blog Articles and Travel Posts

  • Karoo views and landscapes along the Swaershoek Pass
    I don’t know how many times my tourism friends in Cradock and Somerset East have asked me if I have driven over the Swaershoek Pass yet. I just heard about the beautiful Karoo landscape and stunning views but because the route is 76km of dirt road I’ve been a little hesitant. But […]
  • A Kite spider’s web in the forest
    An early morning walk on a trail through the bush or forest often leads to the person in front doing strange dancing moves swinging their arms and ducking their heads. It’s not due to music playing but rather them walking into a spiderweb spun overnight. Not always the most pleasant feeling, especially […]
  • Percy’s Place – the most scenic view in the Sundays River Valley
    I’m sure most South Africans have read, or at least heard, of the book Jock of the Bushveld. The book was written by Sir Percy FitzPatrick, (24 July 1862 – 24 January 1931) who in his younger years was involved in gold and diamond prospecting in Mpumalanga where Jock of the Bushveld […]
  • Swallows planning their winter travels
    I visited the Sundays River Valley in early April and while enjoying the view from the Sir Percy Fitzpatrick Lookout noticed a couple of swallows on an aloe. It looked like they were having a conversation and I imagined it to be about their upcoming trip north. I’m no bird expert so […]
  • Addo’s endangered Flightless Dung Beetle
    Driving around Addo Elephant National Park one tends to keep an eye on the bush and the distance fields. If you heed the warning signs close to the gate though you will also keep one eye on the road as well. You may just spot, and safely avoid driving over, one of […]
  • Hiking to the Lower Van Stadens Dam outside Port Elizabeth
    The history of Port Elizabeth’s water supply starts way back when Frames Reservoir was built on the Shark River in present-day Happy Valley back in 1864. As the demand for water increased, the need for a bigger dam was identified and the Van Stadens Water Scheme was initiated. I’m always amazed how […]