Birthday flowers

Yeh yeh, I know the Northern Hemisphere readers of this blog doesn’t want me to keep on reminding them that it is spring down here and hence winter approching for them, but this isn’t a spring flowers post. Although it could be. *wink* No, its a I’m giving flowers to myself birthday post. Twenty one plus VAT (which is 14 in SA). Like I said on my Facebook status, if I was a professional sportman I would be retiring soon. I usually take a self portrait on my birthday, so I reserve tomorrow’s post for that as I haven’t quite decided how to approach that this year.

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  1. Avril

    Happy Birthday Jonker !!! May you have many more happy ones!! (I remember .. you are same age as my son!!) Very pretty blue flowers!! Perfect for today !!! Comment on your comment .. yes the weather in Mauritius was just like that … sunny one minute .. clouds came over .. sometimes just drifted off, other times drizzled .. then sunshine again. We only had two downpours while we were there and they were at night.

  2. Gaelyn

    Happy Birthday Jonker! 35 years young. I like the idea of giving yourself flowers. Look forward to tomorrows self portrait.

  3. Marcelle

    Ja Ja ja, you right about that one…but for now I feel a song coming on…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUHAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JONKERHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUhave an awesome one and here's to lots of *giggles*

  4. Happy birthday Jonker. Wishing you a wonderful day!!PS All the best people are Virgo's LOL!!

  5. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Firefly.

  6. Jo

    Happy Birthday, and many, many, many Happy Returns!Looking forward to seeing the picture. 😉

  7. Helen

    Happy birthday to a fellow-virgo!