Watching sunset

The Sardinia Bay dunes are probably the best place in Port Elizabeth to enjoy the sunset. My phone takes stunning photos, I've just realised that it doesn't do so when I zoom. But I just had to get this shot of this guy standing on the dune as the sun was heading for the horizon.

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Sunset at Sards

Watching the sunset from the dunes at Sards in Port Elizabeth is becoming just as popular as the sunset on Signal Hill in Cape Town.

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Dusk over Kings Beach

The Port Elizabeth beachfront faces east which means the sun comes up over Algoa Bay and the sea. I don't think a lot of people realise that the beachfront is also a great place to watch the sun set as it sets over the city centre. The KidZ wanted to go down to the beachfront to watch the sunset the other day and we were just to late to see it disappear. Still beautiful.

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Sunset behind the windfarm

A couple of days ago we joined a group of fellow Geocachers to solve a puzzle on the Blue Horizon Bay road. While we were busy figuring out the problem, my daughter Miggie made herself comfortable in a camp chair to watch the sunset. She snapped this picture of the sun setting behind the windfarm.

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Another PE beachfront sunrise

Aaaaahhhhhh, sunrise. Probably the best time of day. Pity its so early in summer and so cold in winter otherwise you would have seen a lot more sunrise photos from me.

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Rearview sunset

A week or two ago I had to go on an urgent work-related road trip and popped into two of my favorite villages, Nieu-Bethesda and Hogsback, before heading down to East London for the night. It was literally whistle-stop visits with no sightseeing. All business. Barrelling along the N2 between King William's Town and East London the sun was setting behind me and the best I could do was snap a pic in the car's side mirror at a hundred…

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A Camdeboo sunset

There is nothing as beautiful as a Karoo sunset. Combine that with a late afternoon game drive that includes sundowners with a beautiful view. Jackpot. Wide open spaces, a slight breeze, the sound of the veld, the last light as the sun disappears and colours the clouds shades of red, orange and yellow as the sky turns different hues of blue.

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Sunset at Sardinia Bay

The dune at Sardinia Bay is probably the best and most popular spot in Port Elizabeth to enjoy a beautiful sunset. We haven't been for ages and I got tired of seeing other people post photos of it on Facebook, so on Tuesday afternoon I made a suggestion to go when I got home from work and was still putting down my bag when I heard the door close as everybody headed for the car.

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