Clouds over PE

We've been having beautiful skies around Port Elizabeth over the last week or so with tonight's sunset being a particular stunning one from what I see on Facebook.  Unfortunately I'm in Cape Town at the annual Cape Getaway Show so wasn't able to photograph it.  I did photograph this beautiful sky scene the other day while watching Miggie play netball.

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Pyramid shining

The sun peaking out from behind the Donkin Memorial on the Donkin Reserve.  The Donkin Memorial was erected by Sir Rufane Donkin in 1820 in remembrance of his late wife Lady Elizabeth after whom he named the town.My first Skywatch contribution of the year. Eish, that's bad of me.


Van Stadens Bridge

If you want to see different fynbos species and beautiful proteas in flower the Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve is probably one of the best places close to Port Elizabeth to do so.  But the reserve isn't just about flowers, its also about other vegetation, birds, insects plus you get a great view of the Van Stadens Bridge from one of the lookout points.


Looking up at Queen Vic

Looking up at the statue of Queen Victoria standing in front of the historic Public Library in the Port Elizabeth city centre.  The statue was unveiled in 1903, one year after the library's opening.Visit Skywatch for more pictures from around the world featuring the sky


Donkin Lighthouse

The old Hill Lighthouse, also known as the Donkin Lighthouse on the Donkin Reserve in Port Elizabeth.  The lighthouse was built in 1861 but was taken out of commission in the mid 1900's due to the fact that the lights of the city behind it made it impossible for ships to spot it's light.  A new light was erected out on the North End coastline to warn ships.Visit Skywatch for more pictures featuring the sky


Morning reflection

A couple of early morning Port Elizabeth beachfront strollers taking a break while enjoying the morning sun reflecting off the sea next to Shark Rock Pier at Hobie Beach.Visit Skywatch for more picture of the sky (or in this case the sky reflecting somewhere)


Shining on the slipway

Early morning sunshine by the old slipway at Humewood Beach. Humewood is the oldest Blue Flag beach in South Africa and has just been re awarded its Blue Flag status for the coming summer season. Visit Skywatch for more photos of the sky


Horse Memorial sillouette

If there is something I have a soft spot for as a photographer then its a sunset. You can never get tired of the sun disappearing over the horizon with its coinciding oranges, yellows, blues and purples along with a beautiful afterglow. Even better is when you can find a nice subject to put in the foreground to compliment the sunset. In this case the Horse Memorial here in Port Elizabeth.For more sunsets and other sky related photos, visit Skywatch.


Coral Tree

The Coral Trees around the city is starting to don its flower gown and the Grey Institude makes for a nice background behind this one on the Donkin Reserve.


Plane on a pillar

One of the slightly unusual sights outside the Port Elizabeth Airport is an Impala MkI sitting on top of a pillar next to Aviators Pub and Grill. It kinda looks like a scene from a SciFi movie with a spaceship docked at a space diner. The Impalas were used as training aircraft by the SA Airforce in the past and this one got a prime spot to retire at..For more pictures from cameras pointing upwards, visit Skywatch.