Victoria and Alfred Hotel

I was hoping to get a couple of nice sunsets and other sky photos to use on Skywatch Fridays during my recent trip to Cape Town, but alas the weather didn’t really allow it and the mountain was just about covered with clouds every day. So this is the closest I got to getting a nice sky picture. The sun reflecting on the water in front of the 4 star Victoria and Alfred Hotel at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Looks like a rather nice place to stay looking over the water.

  2. Perry

    Nice shot even if the sky did not cooperate. Changing to monochrome and a few tweaks worked! Hey, sorry you didn't make the finalist list on the SA blog thing. I submitted you for inclusion!

  3. I do like the subtle colours Jonker. Seems like you spend a lot of time down in Cape Town?

  4. Great shots, congratulations!!!Frank, Barcelona

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