Valley sunrise

Sunrise over the Port Elizabeth Harbour as seen from a viewpoint over the Baakens River Valley in South End. Sunrise and sunsets are my favorite photos to take, but due to the whole getting up early enough in the morning to get to see sunrise, I do more sunsets. LOL!

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  1. My favourite photos as well, sunrise and sunset. This is beautiful. I seldom get sunrise photos, by the time we see it over the roof behind us it is already too high. I need to get up early and go for a walk:-) Diane

  2. Zane

    Rich warm colours – spring is here – once the horrible wind goes away.Excellent photo!

  3. Marcelle

    NO COMMENT as you know what this photo does to me……* giggle *

  4. Perry

    Great sunrise! Hope you didn't have to get up *too* early for this one! 🙂

  5. I love sunrises too and I am going to miss them too now my holiday is over and I am back in town. This is a stunning shot Jonker.