Mill Park #4

The most well known feature of Mill Park is the Grey School. Here we are looking at the back, from a viewpoint in Mill Park, across one of the tributaries of the Baakens River, which has created many interesting ravines around the perimeter of the suburb. Note the security vehicle parked under the tree. A downside of the ravines is that they provide easy exit points for housebreakers to disappear into, so high walls, armed response, electric fences etc have sadly become part of the picture now.

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  1. oliviao

    Hi, I am oliviao, wife of arnieo. I, too, hail from good old PE and when I saw the picture today of the Grey, I had to comment, because I am on old Collegiate girl from Glendinningvale. So, how about some photos of those locales?? Your blog is a daily treat. Thanks so much for the lovely photos – I get very nostalgic! Olivia

  2. Hilda

    That’s sad. And with the financial crisis, it must be even worse now. But that’s a lovely, sprawling school! _____ Don’t forget to vote for the April theme! This month, we get to vote for two choices, thanks to Elaine. Please help spread the word too 🙂

  3. Pule

    Nice and clean surburb and the acrhitectual styles of buildings there is so appealing.If you can please update us with the photos of the CBD of PE especially streets like Parliament and Govan Mbeki.

  4. Firefly

    Grey is such a beautiful school in a very scenic environment.

  5. Jeanne

    Aaah, I was wondering when Grey would show up in the Mill Park series! It’s one of the most beautiful schools I know and I wish I’d been able to go there. Not that Collegiate was a bad option!!

  6. Greta

    Thank you so much for all the Mill Park scenes. You did very well.

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