Port Elizabeth is blessed with two stunning small game parks within the city boundaries in the Kragga Kamma Game Park and the Seaview Game and Lion Park. Both of these have a number of different animal species that can be view on the game drives through the park. Most people get quite excited when they see giraffe, of which there are quite a few at both reserves.

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  1. Ann

    I never knew that, a journey of Giraffes, Great shots, you have some very interesting subjects out there, you lucky thing.

  2. Faye Pekas

    Great post. I especially like the first shot with the “brother” looking up out of the bushes. I didn’t know a group was called a journey. Good information. Your tree from yesterdays post was fascinating. I wouldn’t want to have to climb that one 🙂

  3. Karin

    Also did not know that – very good to know for the trivia quizzes my husband and I like to play! I am slightly obsessed with photographing giraffes and love these shots! They really are magnificent creatures.

  4. Suzi-k

    A journey of giraffes, love that!With your love of travel you’ll have to make giraffes your personal mascot!

  5. Janet

    Gee, those are beautiful photo's – mine are teeny tiny and far away!! Wonder what Ralph whould say? LOL!

  6. leilani

    LOLOL, would you look at the expression on the first ones face ! What a wonderful thing. They musty wonder WHY we are soooo short ! LOLOL

  7. Esther Garvi

    Probably my favourite wild creature in the world. Amazing beings!

  8. Sujata

    I love the pictues on your blog. thank youfor sharing!

  9. Jeanne

    LOL – I have an almost identical shot taken at the Kragga Kamma game park in April!

  10. cara

    Great post – full of interesting stuff… and the giraffes are just gorgeous.

  11. Steffe

    You can never go wrong with a giraffe photo. Great to see.

  12. Leif Hagen

    Giraffes! I haven't seen one in my back yard for years and years and years!

  13. Zane

    People in Port Elizabeth are often blind to what we have on our doorstep. Us bloggers try to do our bit to promote local attractions. Good post Jonker.

  14. Chuck Pefley

    Love the giraffe practicing his stealth mode. They are fantastic animals! No apologies necessary as wildlife nearby is always a welcome diversion.Happy New Year!

  15. Avril

    Nice one! Love the 'peek-a-boo' giraffe!

  16. Gaelyn

    Nice shot. I really liked seeing the giraffes.

  17. Steffe

    I like how you shot this one as the giraffe is coming out of all that green.