St Georges Park

St Georges Park has a number of paths and walkways through it which gives one the opportunity to feel like you have gotten away from the city. Unfortunately the people of Port Elizabeth isn’t really utilising the park as much as they should be, which means that when you do go there you have to be very cautious of possible unsavory elements trying their luck. I always wonder why people working in the area doesn’t go there during their tea and lunch times to just get out of the office and out into a bit of nature.

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  1. Pamela

    I would love to but I only get 1/2 hour so by the time I get there I need to turn around again! 🙁 If i had longer I would love to go swimming during my lunch break.

  2. Gaelyn

    What a beautiful and diverse park. Those green lawns remind me of a golf course.

  3. Marka

    I really like the patterns & colours in the first photograph!

  4. Lindy

    Have come over to your blog to keep warm via your photos- beautiful photos as always!

  5. Perry

    Very nice park! Love the water shot & the walking path. Looks like a great place…..for a walk! 🙂 Looks like summer is taking root over there very well. Dark and rainy here, looking towards the winter solstice in a few days.

  6. Zane

    Thanks for the reminder – it seems to be bug macro paradise in St Georges Park.I really like that bridge photo and the third swamp-land photo with the lily pads – seems like it could be dragonfly heaven.

  7. Sonia

    I love going for walks in the park with my kids on their bikes. Really wish more families would make use of it – it's such an ideal picnic place.