Plane on a pillar

One of the slightly unusual sights outside the Port Elizabeth Airport is an Impala MkI sitting on top of a pillar next to Aviators Pub and Grill. It kinda looks like a scene from a SciFi movie with a spaceship docked at a space diner. The Impalas were used as training aircraft by the SA Airforce in the past and this one got a prime spot to retire at.
For more pictures from cameras pointing upwards, visit Skywatch.

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  1. We have one of the fighters on a large curving arch close to our house in the UK. It is quite stunning especially at night as there is a light directly on it. Diane

  2. Ania

    It looks so real I almost typed “Great timing”;)

  3. Steffi

    Cool photo and very interesting!

  4. Sylvia K

    Terrific capture! Plane against the sky is perfect! And lovely, summery skies they are! Have a great weekend!Sylvia

  5. EG Wow

    Interesting how it's perched there!

  6. Caroline

    Better than the scrap heap – and think how many little (and big) boys are thrilled by it every day!

  7. cat

    I always feel like I am in PE when I see said plane.