Cape wreck

Lying just off the beach at Bloubergstrand in Cape Town for the last year or so is the wreck of the Turkish ship Seli 1. The Seli 1 apparently dropped anchor in Table Bay when the anchor broke off in large swells. The ship drifted towards shore and landed on a sandbank before being pushed onto rocks which punctured a hole in the side of the boat. Fortunately it didn't cause any pollution along the coastline. Authorities have been unable…



Time for a "Random ..." theme post again. Today's post is on Random Caterpillars (or worms. Whatever you want to call the first two) We have had a bunch of these hairy spiky critters around the office building lately. They turn into the Garden Acraea Butterfly later on in their lives. This little dude looks like he needs a haircut. I have no idea what he is, but I found him at Cape Point on my last visit there. A…


Sunset wreck

Sunset at Cannon Rocks with the shipwreck in the forgroundIf you want to see more magnificent pictures featuring skies from all over the globe, visit Skywatch.GPS: 33°44'39.94"S, 26°33'42.35"E


Rusty wreck

Following on yesterday's post on (what's left of) the wreck at Cannon Rocks, I decided to show off some closeup shots of the wreck today. .GPS: 33°44'41.59"S, 26°33'39.99"E


Cannon Rocks’ wreck

During December we spent a week at Cannon Rocks on the Sunshine Coast in the Eastern Cape (about 120km east of my home town of Port Elizabeth). We stayed there the previous year as well and I just loved photographing the wreck of a fishing boat rusting away on the beach close to the resort where we stayed. Last year the wreck looked like this (photo above) and some of the photos I took then can be seen here and…


Blue moon rising

The blue moon (second full moon of the calender month) rising over the ship wreck at Cannon Rocks in the Eastern Cape on New Years Eve. For more fabulous pictures featuring the sky, visit Skywatch..GPS: 33°44'41.59"S, 26°33'39.99"E


Cape St Francis Wreck

We went to camp at Cape St Francis over the Easter weekend. On Sunday morning I decided to take the trail westward along the coast as indicated on the resort's info sheet to see if I could find the wreck (apparently what is left of The Osprey which ran aground in 1855) and the blow hole marked on it. Unfortunately the tide was too low to find the blow hole and, well, there wasn't much left of the wreck to…



After the other day's Random Roundness post I got a thinking. Well, a couple of random ideas flew around my head at least. The possibilities of "Random ..." posts are endless. So today I'm doing a "Random ..." post on "rust". The fence in front of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Central, Port Elizabeth A hole in the rusty shipwreck at Cannon RocksPart of a rusty fence at the St Peter's Church ruins


Wreck at sunset

Today's post continues on yesterday's post on the shipwreck at Cannon Rocks on the Sunshine Coast. It rained three out of the seven days we were at Cannon Rocks and I was a bit worried that I may not get a sunset to photograph. Seeing that the evening had good prospects, I headed down the beach to the shipwreck to wait for sunset.When I got there I thought this scene with the kelp gulls in the foreground and the fisherman…


Cannon Rocks shipwreck

Cannon Rocks is a little holiday resort town on the Sunshine Coast about 120 km east of Port Elizabeth. The town (if you can call it a town) consists mostly of holiday homes and retired people and reminded me of Paradise Beach. This was were my grandparents retired and we spent every school holiday there, playing amongst the dunes, building forts in the bush, exploring between the rocks and off cause swimming. But I digress. Cannon Rocks, and neighboring Boknes,…