Rusty wreck

Following on yesterday’s post on (what’s left of) the wreck at Cannon Rocks, I decided to show off some closeup shots of the wreck today.


GPS: 33°44’41.59″S, 26°33’39.99″E

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  1. Spiderdama

    This is really cool and great shot!;-) And what a nice weather..Have a great day!

  2. Marcelle

    ahhhhhhhhh I can finally commentTHESE ARE MY FAVORITE PHOTO'S THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN….i love them…totally beautiful…i wish i had better words as these are outstanding…well done.

  3. Avril

    Oh wow !!! Amazing photos!!! All dragons and dinosaurs !!!! Love them all – first one .. like the twinkle in the mouth just before he eats the fisherman – second one … green and fierce – third one … ready for a night time meal with teeth a-sparkle!! ….. aaaaaarrrggghhh !!!! 🙂 Have I been with children too long? !!! FANTASTIC!!

  4. Now if only they had pushed it into the water it would have made a great begining for a reef.

  5. Zane

    I think it is time to head for Cannon Rocks tomorrow seeing as I am of to Kenton on Sea. The wreck photos are superb.

  6. Marka

    I really like the colors in the second photo and the sunstar in the third. Cheers!

  7. Gaelyn

    These are very artistic captures Jonker.

  8. Janet

    Oh nice! I like the last one – it's like a huge dragon, and I am sure it has magical tales to tell! Well done!

  9. leilani

    beautiful pictures!! I love the green algae on the wreck!

  10. Dot

    Firefly…these are beautiful…especially LOVE the bottom shot…phenomenal!!!

  11. Perry

    I guess I can fall into line with the last one, being a great shot of the sun through the metal. You could consider printing that one. The colors of the middle one are very cool too. Great job!

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