Cannon Rocks shipwreck

Cannon Rocks is a little holiday resort town on the Sunshine Coast about 120 km east of Port Elizabeth. The town (if you can call it a town) consists mostly of holiday homes and retired people and reminded me of Paradise Beach. This was were my grandparents retired and we spent every school holiday there, playing amongst the dunes, building forts in the bush, exploring between the rocks and off cause swimming. But I digress. Cannon Rocks, and neighboring Boknes, have miles of sandy beaches ideal for swimming, kite surfing, fishing or just walking hand in hand… or running after the Rugrats, whichever you prefer.
The landmark that stands out for me at Cannon Rocks is the wreck, or what’s left of it, of the Hallelujah-20. The Hallelujay-20 was a fishing boat that ran aground on the beach in the mid 1990’s for whatever reason. I didn’t ask around why.
I was immediately drawn to the wreck. Infinite interesting angles to photograph, holes to frame with, colours to play with and not to mention the promise of a sunset photo with the wreck in the foreground. That post will follow tomorrow. Watch this space.

My favorite pic of my time spent at the wreck was this one.

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  1. Marcelle

    Wow, what an amazing last photo…I have never been to the Cannon Rock, actually never been to PE…how sad is that hey.Amazing the things that give one such amazing photographys.

  2. Ann

    Great last shot, and what an interesting and beautiful place to be, the sea and sky are so blue …keeep ’em coming, cant wait till tomorrow, to see whats next.

  3. sam

    oh my word, these were SOOOOO worth waiting for, i love the bottom two. the flare in the bottom one MAKES it! hehe. I am quite shocked at how badly the wreck has deteriorated in the 8 odd years since my photos were taken!

  4. Karin

    Firefly, these are very good!! You are really getting very good at this craft!

  5. Lindy

    wow- that last photos is fantastic

  6. Perry

    Great composition, lighting and colors on these. Looking forward to the sunset too!

  7. Anonymous

    Am working my way backwards on your photo file – (which I always find so interesting!) – sounds like a great place – ashamed to say, like Marcelle, never been to PE or surrounds. Sadly, a lot of SA we haven’t seen – maybe when we retire we will have the time …