Stadium absail

Port Elizabeth is one of the host cities for the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup to take place in South Africa. The new muti purpose 46 500 seater Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is now nearing completion and its become more and more clear that it will be something the city is going to be very proud of. Here the workers putting on the cladding on the roof is busy absailing down as the wind was reaching the maximum speed that is safe for them to be up there. The first big game to be played at the stadium will take place on 16 June and will ironically be a rugby game and not a soccer game. It will take place between the touring British and Irish Lions and a Eastern Cape Coastal Invitation Team.
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  1. SandyCarlson

    That’s quite a sight to behold. Amazing. It’s good to see good work going on!

  2. koala

    Looks great and we’re on the brink of not getting there 🙁

  3. bobbie

    OMG! What a photo! This is just beyond words.

  4. Babooshka

    That is one the most ingenious skywatches I have ever seen

  5. Steffe

    Great to see. Can’t wait for the tournament to start. And I hope my country qualifies!

  6. Jacob


  7. ben wideman

    Very cool! That is an incredible picture.

  8. gogouci

    Great picture. You’ve provided a view not often seen.

  9. Sakiwi

    Wow, I almost can’t believe that they have progressed this far with the stadium construction! It looks fantastic.

  10. prkl

    Very nice documentation. So wouldn’t go hanging with those ropes. Wouldn’t mind to go watch the games thou. Nice add to SWF! You have a pleasant weekend!

  11. Oz Girl

    What an amazing structure, and a wonderful view caught by your camera! 😉

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