The road to Noodhulp

The road to Noodhulp (Afrikaans for First Aid) is not what you call the route somebody takes when they are cruising for a bruising and looking for trouble with a big oke.   Not that kind of thing at all.  I found the road to Noodhulp while en route to Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve outside Graaff-Reinet and after a double take reversed back for a better look to make sure that was the name I saw and then a photo.  It turns out Noodhulp is the name of a nearby farm which at first I though was weird.  On second thought though it probably makes sense if it refers to a place where you go to heal your soul from the battering it takes in the city.

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  1. Rhodesia

    LOL, some odd names around. Hope you are well Diane

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