Despatch chimney

The town of Despatch, just outside of Port Elizabeth and part of Nelson Mandela Bay, had its origins in the brick making industry. Most of the bricks used in the construction of buildings around Port Elizabeth was made in Despatch. The railway line from Uitenhage to PE ran past Despatch and a sideline led to the brick works. It was from here here that the bricks got dispatched to PE by train, hence the name of the town, Despatch. On the outskirts of town standing next to the railway track, visitors to the town will find a brick chimney which was built in 1882 and formed part of those early brick works. A very extensive restoration project on the chimney has just been completed.

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  1. Eleanor

    I never knew the origins of the name of Despatch. Thank you for showing me my own country. And, do you know that if anyone asks me again why I would never emigrate, I would just show them that wonderful photograph. The aloes, the veld, the sky – that photo just sums up South Africa for me. And it sums up the fierce love and loyalty that I feel for this land. Just gets right under your skin, doesn’t it? Lovely blog. Thank you.

  2. Dee

    Thats a neat picture-and interesting infromation. The aloes are just gorgeous-they are in bloom where I live in Arizona too.

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