Kite Spider and web

Ok, so this isn’t a conventional Skywatch photo, but I love the way the sun shines through this spiders web we found on our visit to Addo Elephant Back Safaris. Sun = sky thus Skywatch.
Getting a bit closer we found that the web belongs to a Kite Spider (Genus Gasteracantha). So Kite = Sky which means more reason to post this under Skywatch. The Kite Spider has a shiny and hard abdomen which is rather flattened with spiny projections. They are normally yellow or white with black markings, specially at the tips of the projections. They have very short legs and is found in symmetrical orb webs in trees.

For more great Skywatch pictures from all over the world, follow the link.

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  1. Steffi

    Great shots of spiders.Okay, they aren´t my favourite animals!Have a nice weekend!

  2. Guy D

    Great captures, nature definately is the greatest artist.Have a great weekend!GuyRegina In Pictures

  3. Greyscale Territory

    Amazing how there seems to be a tapestry of rainbow light on that web! Great shots!

  4. Jenty

    Wow that’s an incredible web!

  5. Anemone

    The spider create a masterpice, and so do you with your camera!! Exellente.Nice weekend from Norway Anne 🙂

  6. Maalie

    Stunning pictures, especially the top one with the beautiful iridescence!

  7. koala

    yyyyy spiders creep me out a bit

  8. erin

    clever post and i so like the reflection of the sun on the spider web…beautiful capture.

  9. Christina

    Excellent capture for skywatch photos! Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  10. Martha

    No justification necessary, thanks for putting them where I could find them. I love the iridescence in the web.

  11. Bradley Myers

    Who needs conventional, it is a neat sky watch. Although I hate spiders.

  12. Babooshka

    Excellent photography. The prism of colurs trhogu the web really caught my eye.

  13. Pacey

    Yeah, really perfect for Skywatch and a clever post for today. I love the photos even if I hate spiders. Lol.

  14. jrosey

    A very creative way to incorporate the sky into a different kind of photo! I’m still deciding how I feel about spiders, but nonetheless, their webs are a beautiful creation!

  15. Avril

    Wow – that first one is an amazing photo! What a superb web – all intact! … and glistening in the sunlight! Oh yes – the info is also interesting for those who like spiders!!!

  16. Regina Marie does make a nice Skywatch. I love spidy’s

  17. Janet

    I really like the top photograph- that web looks amazing, magical almost. Pity spiders aren’t that appealing! Interesting info! Thanks!

  18. Carol

    Absolutely beautiful capture of the sun glistening thru that web….very creative also….enjoyed the info…

  19. leilani

    Beautiful!!! The web has its own rainbow!!! its just so beautiful!!

  20. Oz Girl

    Well, I am certainly not a fan of spiders, but this guy’s web and he himself are quite fascinating!!

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