Sofa …. so good….

In response to the pic we posted the other day, of the PE Airshow, we received this delightful image from our regular contributor, Louise. You’ve gotta admit, if they wanted to be cheap and sit outside the airport, watching the show for free, at least they did it with a certain style!

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  1. onlooker

    🙂 that brought in a smile. lovely pics and lovely place i would think. a quaint little seaport town??

  2. Firefly

    Clever. Must have been some effort to get it there though.Happy birthday Sue. I hope there will be many more.

  3. MyPE

    Happy Birthday SueMay there be many more.To-morrow we expect to see a picture of the Birthday Cake, I will pop around later with the Fire Extinguisher you requested.:-)

  4. sonia a. mascaro

    Hi Sue,Reading the comments I see that is your birthday! A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

  5. sam

    hehehehe, firefly, how did you know? PEDP, don’t you know a girl can’t do hot flushes AND candles? mmmm but cake is a great idea, pity I don’t bake (usually the whole fire department is needed when I try, not just a little extinguisher!!)Sonia, obrigado!

  6. sam

    onlooker…. not so little, population 1.2 million! but it does seem to be a big city with a small town feel, and is a major port in South Africa.

  7. Anonymous

    may I join your numerous friends in wishing you a very happy birthday Sue. Keep on making me dream about that good old PE. If I get a chance to come over to South Africa, I definitely will contact you (and Maw too of course)Gaston (the froggy)

  8. Kate

    Is that a DC-3 in the background?

  9. Firefly

    Now how did I know? Thanks to a little website that ABYC (MyPE) calls “Group sex for amoebas”. It is one of the beauties of Facebook, being reminded of friends’ birthdays. I hope you had a great day.

  10. sam

    Kate it was originally a DC 3 but is now called a C47 TP Dakota, as it has been fitted with turbo props and the fuselage has been lengthened. This one is used for maritime patrols

  11. Jeanne

    Awww, that makes me miss those PE airshows, with Stu Davidson’s weird and wonderful warbirds and the Pitts Specials doing aerobatics. When I was at school we used to joke that PE was so boring that the most exciting thing you could do over the weekend was sit across the road from the airport and watch the planes take off, LOL!