PE’s Airforce Museum deserves to be discovered

I am often amazed at how many people didn't know that Port Elizabeth has a South African Airforce Museum.  Located behind the airport in a restored World War II hanger, the museum has a great collection of planes, choppers, equipment, uniforms, models and other paraphernalia.  It's easy to get to, just follow  Forrest Hill Drive through Forrest Hill and around to the back of the airport.  The museum will interest both young and old and is absolutely free with a…

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Airshow cockpit footage couple of weeks ago the very successful Baywest Port Elizabeth Airshow took place at the PE Airport.  I came across this rad video on the Algoa FM channel featuring some GoPro action from inside the cockpit of one of the planes taking part in the airshow.

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The static Albatross

Every day a number of commercial and private planes take off and land at the Port Elizabeth Airport, but outside the airport there are two planes that just hang around, not going anywhere.  The one is a Piaggio P.166, a twin-engine pusher-type utility aircraft developed by the Italian aircraft manufacturer Piaggio Aero.  In the South African military the aircraft is known as the Albatross and was used by the South African Air force from 1969 to 1993.

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Ready, aim, pretend to fire

The South African Airforce Museum truly is one of Port Elizabeth's most under rated museums. Its so much more than just another museum. In addition to their fantastic collection of planes and other memorabilia, they have also started to introduce more interactive components to their displays. One is a gun torrent which kids just love to try out.

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Airforce Museum Mirrage

The South African Airforce Museum in Port Elizabeth has a fantastic collection of aircraft, miniatures, uniforms and other memorabilia for such a fairly small museum.  They receive very little funding from the airforce itself and get a lot of their funds from donations while a lot of the work done there are done by volunteers.  One of the aircraft in the collection is a SA Airforce Dassault-Breguet Mirage F-1CZ which was manufactured in France and first took to the air in 1966.

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Welcome Mango

Yesterday (Wednesday, 5 December 2012) was the inaugaral flight by Mango Airline into Port Elizabeth with the airline now offering low cost flights between PE and Johannesburg as well as Cape Town.  I was invited to the launch function at the Port Elizabeth Airport to see the first flight land although I wasn't able to join the pro togs on the tarmac to get some closeup pictures.  The view from the function venue was awesome though when the two fire trucks…


Airport plane

There are two planes on display outside the Port Elizabeth Airport.  The first one is an Impala on top of Aviators Bar and Grill and the second one which is situated next to the parking lot is an Albatross.  The Albatross was a maritime aircraft used by the South African Navy for patrols.


Plane on a pillar

One of the slightly unusual sights outside the Port Elizabeth Airport is an Impala MkI sitting on top of a pillar next to Aviators Pub and Grill. It kinda looks like a scene from a SciFi movie with a spaceship docked at a space diner. The Impalas were used as training aircraft by the SA Airforce in the past and this one got a prime spot to retire at..For more pictures from cameras pointing upwards, visit Skywatch.


Last day of the World Cup

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is over. Actually, as I post this the final between Holland and Spain still needs to be played, but by the time most people read this it will have been something of the past. Before the World Cup the doom profits predicted that the event would be an absolute failure, that overseas supporters shouldn't come to South Africa cause they will be robbed and murdered and that the stadiums would be empty. How all of…


Flying home

I spend a couple of days in Durban last week taking part in the annual Tourism Indaba. On the way back I had a window seat for a change (I prefer an isle seat and normally get one) and wanted to take some photos of Port Elizabeth as we were coming in. For some reason I was a bit slow to get one of the main beachfront (I was probably admiring the view too much), but got this one as…