power drain

This blog seems to be taking on a life of its own. Soon we will retire our cameras and let you guys do all the work! In response to Jan de Wet's photo of the power wasting Post Office yesterday, Louise Eksteen sent this montage, with the following comment:"Brian and I drove around on a Sunday evening, to see how our Council was contributing to the national effort to cut down on unnecessary use of power. Brian then sent these…


Sofa …. so good….

In response to the pic we posted the other day, of the PE Airshow, we received this delightful image from our regular contributor, Louise. You've gotta admit, if they wanted to be cheap and sit outside the airport, watching the show for free, at least they did it with a certain style!



Louise Eksteen took these photos from the second floor of the Humewood Police Station, overlooking the South End Graveyard. She asked if we know anything about this place.... we don't, do you?


Necessity is the mother of invention….

In response to yesterday's post, we received an e-mail from our recent guest photographer, Louise Eksteen. She wrote "Hi, Sue and Max! I felt so good when I saw your picture of the Donkin tonight – we DO seem to like the same things!" (Last time we saw them, we were the only 4 people at the promenade, mad enough to be braving a freezing gale to get shots of the wild spring tide!)They also tried to board Sagres, but…

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Watch the step

Another photo sent to us by Louise Eksteen, showing what a brilliant day it was in the bay yesterday. I love the warm fuzzy feeling generated by the snuggling couple, contrasted with the ominous broken step, sort of a gentle reminder that all is seldom 100% well in paradise!