Settlers Park

The 54-hectare tranquil Settler’s Park, which lies along the banks of the Baakens River, is located in the heart of the city. In many ways its the city’s green lung. The park has three entrances and may be accessed via How Avenue, just off Park Drive; Chelmsford Avenue, just off Target Kloof or from Third Avenue, Walmer. It also offers recommended short walks that may commence from any of these entrances. The Park facilities include a flower display house, a Marquette of the 1820 Settlers’ Statue, indigenous flora, rock pools with stepping-stones and grassed areas ideal for picnicking. The Park is rich in bird life, small buck and other fauna as well as offering an 8km walking trail through the Baakens River Valley, named the Guinea Fowl Trail.
In the past there has been some unsavoury characters hanging around the park and there were a couple of unfortunate incidents, but the city and its inhabitants have decided to take the park back. The Walk Safe initiative was started as a collaboration between the municipality, various tourism bodies, the police, The Baakens Trust and various nature bodies. This has seen a increase in police and ranger patrols in the valley which is leading to the public slowly returning to this gem of the city.

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  1. MyVintageCameras

    I'm glad you are working to take back your park…….it was like that in the 70's in the US. You basically couldn't go into any park anywhere back then, especially at night. with consistent work it will get better….And I love those wild aloes you have growing down there.

  2. Ordinarylife

    It is such a beautiful park. We used to go there a lot as kids. Glad it is being “taken back”.

  3. Jeanne

    You forget the Dodds Farm entrance at the bottom of 6th Ave Walmer :)Glad to hear they are making the valley safer again. I grew up on the valley, spending many happy hours at the river exploring and catchign tadpoles and have been very sad to hear of the rise in crime. Hope the initiative continues to pay dividends!

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