Diving with Raggies in Algoa Bay

Port Elizabeth offers excellent diving options both inside Algoa Bay as well as on the Wildside.  Although I haven’t gone scuba diving for years, I really enjoyed it when I did.  When I first did a sea dive I really worried about encountering a shark.  But that was until I actually encountered one.  We were on one of the training dives inside Algoa Bay off Cape Recife somewhere when I spotted something biggish in the gully below us.  The dive master took us closer and it turned out to be a juvenile ragged tooth shark.  Rather than being afraid I wanted to get closer.  Wow, what an amazing experience.  For today’s Video Friday post I sharing a video by Pro Dive showing diving with Raggies in Algoa Bay.

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  1. Jo

    What a magnificent specimen in the video, Jonker. I can imagine you would want to get closer to the shark… Have a great day. Jo

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