Snorkeling with an otter at Schoenies

[youtube=]After seeing all the reaction on the video about snorkeling around the Humewood slipway I shared two weeks ago I went looking for another snorkeling video to share with you.  I came across this amazing video by Brad Taylor.  Brad went snorkeling at Schoenies with his brother and dad and they were joined by this very curious otter.  Wow, what an experience that must have been. 

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Snorkeling at Humewood Slipway

[youtube=]Check out this awesome video Keith Hamilton shot while snorkeling around the six pillars of the old Humewood slipway.  Just shows that we have some stunning snorkeling spots along our coastline with this one being right here on the main beachfront.

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Diving with Raggies in Algoa Bay

[youtube=]Port Elizabeth offers excellent diving options both inside Algoa Bay as well as on the Wildside.  Although I haven't gone scuba diving for years, I really enjoyed it when I did.  When I first did a sea dive I really worried about encountering a shark.  But that was until I actually encountered one.  We were on one of the training dives inside Algoa Bay off Cape Recife somewhere when I spotted something biggish in the gully below us.  The dive…

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Diving at Bellbuoy Reef with Pro Dive

[youtube=]Port Elizabeth truly has some outstanding dive sites both inside Algoa Bay as well as on the Wildside.  So what can one expect from a dive in PE? Colourful soft coral, lots of fish species, shark sightings, ship wrecks and so much more.  I found this video on the Pro Dive YouTube channel of a diving excursion out to Bellbuoy Reef in Algoa Bay.  Makes me want to dust off the ol' wetsuit and book a dive.  

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