Paddle skiers off the pier

I've always wanted to try paddle skiing but just never had the chance.  Very much like surfing actually.  Something I really need to try.  But back to paddle skiing.  On Sunday while standing on the pier, in perfect conditions, no wind, flat seas and clear waters, three paddle skiers came padding past below.  Looked blissful. All the needed was a pod of dolphins to surround them.  

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Diving with Raggies in Algoa Bay

[youtube=]Port Elizabeth offers excellent diving options both inside Algoa Bay as well as on the Wildside.  Although I haven't gone scuba diving for years, I really enjoyed it when I did.  When I first did a sea dive I really worried about encountering a shark.  But that was until I actually encountered one.  We were on one of the training dives inside Algoa Bay off Cape Recife somewhere when I spotted something biggish in the gully below us.  The dive…

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Surfing at Pipe

[youtube=]I'm not a surfer.  I've never even had the opportunity to try.  I really enjoy body surfing though but perhaps one day I'll try doing it on a board.  It doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching surfers.  Discovered this video of surfing at Pipe by Grant Beck.


Paddle ski at sunset

Paddling along the beachfront on a beautiful winters afternoon just before sunset 

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Kings Beach activities

Standing at McArthur pool on Saturday during Ironkids I tried out the zoom lens on my new camera watched some activity on Kings Beach.  I was amazed at all the different things happening.  People swimming, a couple of kite boarders, two guys on SUPs, body boarders, knee board paddlers, kids building sand castles, people having a tan and a few folk just going for a walk.  All of that with lots of sail boats out in the bay. Truly a…


Jetties on the Sundays River

The Sundays River is quite a popular recreational playground with everything from water ski to just leisurely sitting with a fishing line in the water.  Most of the houses on the riverside (and some of those that isn't) have their own jetties with some of them having been there for decades already.

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Kite surfers

Over the weekend there was a national kite surfing competition that took place in blistering conditions at Bluewater Bay on the eastern side of Port Elizabeth.  It was a stunning site seeing all the kits bulging in the wind with the city in the background.


Pier shaped frame

Popping down to Hobie Beach the other day, I noticed how nicely Shark Rock Pier was framing the guy on the jet ski riding the waves on the other side. Looking at the picture afterwards I had to laugh. The picture is perfectly set up in the thirds rule, but the "framed picture" wasn't. LOL.

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Port Elizabeth is often tagged as the water sport capital of Africa due to the wide variety of water sports that can be participated in in the Bay. Algoa Bay offers perfect sailing conditions all year around while paddling, scuba diving, surfing, kite surfing, and many other water sports are also popular. Here in one photo there are four different water based sports being participated in. On the left there are scuba divers getting ready to go out, in the…

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Kite surfer

I popped down to the beachfront during lunch time today to get some fresh air. There was a strong south-easterly breeze blowing and looking back over Kings Beach towards the harbour I saw a lone kite surfer making the most of the ideal conditions.