Windy beach

There was a lot of windy weather along our coast between Christmas and New Year. Luckily the holiday resort where we were camping was very sheltered and we weren’t effected that much. But when we headed down to the beach we knew that mother nature was blowing off some steam.

The one day the wind was extremely bad. It was blowing so much sea air onto the land in the distance that it actually looked like there was fog coming in. We wanted to go for a walk, but we got so sandblasted that we had to turn around.
There was a brave fisherman on the rocks trying his luck in the wind. I don’t think he had much luck cause we saw him walk by later emptyhanded.

There was some joy in the wind though. A couple of kite surfers were getting ready to hit the water and you could see that the conditions were ideal for them.

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  1. Karin

    Stunning shots, I particularly love the first one! I can actually smell the ocean just my looking at it – great!!

  2. Ann

    Whoa !!! blowing sand and surf, that has to be Camera hell, hope it didnt take any on board, I love your first shot, you can really feel that wind blowing, The sea in front of the guy fishing looks enormous, a massive wave, Fantastic shots :0)

  3. Anonymous

    Oooh ! Sand stinging legs !! Ouch!

  4. Marcelle

    I know all about that wind coming from CT…when I was on holiday last year I went to Melkbos and the wind was terrible…not nice to walk along the beautiful beach…also have lovely pics of the wind on the sand…,Thanks for sharing your photo’s*giggle*

  5. Janet

    Jeeeeepers! How’s that wind blowing the sea air? Never seen anything like that before! Definitely not a place we’d want to take a walk!