Finding the Geocache on Bird Rock

At the beginning of the year I took a swim out to Bird Rock on the beachfront with fellow Geocachers Erenei and Seekoei NMB with the idea of possibly placing a Geocache on the rock.  Cachers like challenges and this would be a great challenge.  Since placing it a couple of cachers have found it but after a rough winter I thought it was time to check up on it and do some maintenance if necessary.  I was joined on the beach by GeorgeC12, Kitchenboss, Navimate Jnr and Shefetswe along with a bunch of cheerleaders on the beach.  The sea decided to test us that day so it took is a little while to sum up conditions and decided how to approach this beachfront landmark.

The swim out was kinda against the stream but seeing that we decided to do it at low tide it meant that the swim wasn’t anywhere as far as it would have been at high tide.  Seeing that not of us are long distance swimmers (not that its a long distance but you get my drift – excuse the pun), it was a bunch of out of breath cachers that scrambled up the rocks a couple of minutes later.

After taking a breather the search was on.  I immediately checked the spot I (think I) placed it in but came up empty handed.  Darn!  Its missing. 

Luckily I brought a replacement container along and while the others signed the log I looked for a more secure spot to place it in.  Hopefully I found it.

A little team photo after the swim before Navimate Jnr headed to casualties after slicing open his foot on a mussel shell below the low water mark next to Bird Rock.  It’s a terrain 5 rating after all.  Part of the adventure though.