Baakens River

The Baakens River flowing through Settlers Park. The picture was taken from the park’s How Avenue parking area. 

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  1. Sakiwi

    Goodness! I would not have recognised the intersection! I used to live in Weybridge Park, just a couple of hundred meters away.

  2. Anonymous

    The house in the background has in fact always been there. It only sustained damage in the last flood. The work done to repair and upgrade had started before the flood.The upgrade of this bridge, and the Kragga Kamma Road leading on to Cape Road is more than overdue. What many people don’t realise is that the growth in Lorraine, Theescombe and Sherwood has created a spectacular bottleneck which means that cars often stand backed up to the Kabega Road intersection as early as 6:30am.

  3. sam

    Sakiwi, I do not know when you left, but there have been many changes in the area – new office parks on Willow Road and shopping centres in circular drive. We lived there 5 years ago and the character is changing rapidly

  4. sam

    Anonymous, thanks for the feedback. The upgrade is long overdue. When we lived in Lorraine, I never made an appointment earlier than 8:30am. Now that you mention it, I seem to remember the house – they have done a good job of making it look new.

  5. Caroline

    Looks wonderfully warm and fertile – I miss the sight of red soil as we only have Table Mt sandtone white soil around here.

  6. Gaelyn

    Glad you're getting some rain. Looks like the trail was built to handle a little run off.

  7. I grew up right on the valley and spent many happy hours in it, catching tadpoles in this very river and exploring with friends. It was a great way to grow up!

  8. Zane

    Seems as though the river has a decent amount of water in – time for the boogie boards and wetsuits.Good perspective of the valley with lots to see in the photo – Settlers Park Primary on the other side of the valley.