Sunset wreck

Sunset at Cannon Rocks with the shipwreck in the forgroundIf you want to see more magnificent pictures featuring skies from all over the globe, visit Skywatch.GPS: 33°44'39.94"S, 26°33'42.35"E


Dias Cross at Kwaaihoek

During our December holiday at Cannon Rocks, one of the things that I really wanted to do was to visit the Dias Cross at Kwaaihoek. Bartholomew Dias was the first (known) European to discover what is today known as South Africa. He left Portugal and travel down the west coast of Africa searching for a seaway to the East. He rounded Cape Point without knowing in a storm and first set foot at Mossel Bay in 1488, where he planted…


Into the Sunset

I was down on the beach at Cannon Rocks to take some shipwreck pictures (here and here) at sunset when these two guys came by jogging into the setting sun..For more pictures by photographers from around the world involving the sky, visit Skywatch..GPS: 33°44'41.59"S, 26°33'39.99"E


Rusty wreck

Following on yesterday's post on (what's left of) the wreck at Cannon Rocks, I decided to show off some closeup shots of the wreck today. .GPS: 33°44'41.59"S, 26°33'39.99"E


Cannon Rocks’ wreck

During December we spent a week at Cannon Rocks on the Sunshine Coast in the Eastern Cape (about 120km east of my home town of Port Elizabeth). We stayed there the previous year as well and I just loved photographing the wreck of a fishing boat rusting away on the beach close to the resort where we stayed. Last year the wreck looked like this (photo above) and some of the photos I took then can be seen here and…


Blue moon rising

The blue moon (second full moon of the calender month) rising over the ship wreck at Cannon Rocks in the Eastern Cape on New Years Eve. For more fabulous pictures featuring the sky, visit Skywatch..GPS: 33°44'41.59"S, 26°33'39.99"E


The lone fisherman

I popped down to the beach to get some sunset pictures and saw this lone fisherman walking along the shore with all his equipment. Probably on his way to his favorite fishing spot.


The water’s edge

When I did the first "Random ..." post on "Roundness", it was because I couldn't find anything else that tickled my fancy for a post that night. The second one on "Rust" was out of wanting to post one specific photo and finding a couple of others which linked to the theme. Now I've realised that there are endless possibilities out there for themed posts that isn't connected to one place. Oh wait, that was actually Karin who said so…


Canon Rocks sunset

On Monday I did a post with a photograph of the wreck at Cannon Rocks at sunset. Today I am posting another two sunset pictures taken while camping at Cannon Rocks. Not much to say about it other than "enjoy". There are a lot of awesome Skywatch pictures from all over the world that you can enjoy by clicking here.


Windy beach

There was a lot of windy weather along our coast between Christmas and New Year. Luckily the holiday resort where we were camping was very sheltered and we weren't effected that much. But when we headed down to the beach we knew that mother nature was blowing off some steam. The one day the wind was extremely bad. It was blowing so much sea air onto the land in the distance that it actually looked like there was fog coming…