Walmer Town Hall gate

The sprawling suburb of Walmer had  it’s origins as a farm that was later sub-divided.  Initially called ‘Muller town’, it was renamed to Walmer after the Duke of Wellington, who died at Walmer Castle in Kent.  Walmer used to be a separate town from Port Elizabeth and had its own municipality, but with the growth of PE Walmer got included in the Port Elizabeth Municipality on 1 January 1967.  Walmer is generally referred to as the garden or leafy suburb with many beautiful parks, large gardens and tree lined streets.  Aside from this it has a commercial area where the library, police station, a number of businesses and the old Walmer Town Hall is situated.  On the corner of Main Road and 8th Avenue the original gate to the Walmer Town Hall can be found.

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  1. Anonymous

    I remember the Old Walmer well. In those days they had no running water or sewerage. Rain water had to be collected via water tanks and some homes had underground water tanks as well. We are really spoilt today.

  2. Gaelyn

    Now it is an interesting gate to nowhere. I like the way you share the history.

  3. Seamus

    Interesting, a gate that doesn't keep you out! Cool Pic Firefly