Roadside stops

Driving along the highways and byways of this beautiful country of ours, somewhere you will have to pull over, stretch you legs and fill up body, soul and perhaps even your car (if you don’t want to get stuck without fuel along those same roads). These places are normally one of the following three:

Roadside picnic spots 
Farm and country shops
and the boring (as far as exploring travellers goes) but very effective and well stocked 1-stop service stations

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  1. I think that when ones travels as much as we do Jonker, we make use of all of these. I for one am always pleased to get out and stretch my legs somewhere.

  2. Gaelyn

    I liked the farm shop stops but usually went for the “one stop” fuel and food. OMG, Joan turned me into a Whimpys addict. And I didn't even get any pics.

  3. Helen

    Picnic spots are my first choice every time!

  4. Marka

    I like the picnic setup. Never seen one before. It's a good idea!