An Aloe overlooking the Baakens Valley

I was out on a recce at lunch time today for this Saturday's Amazing Race I'm organising and ended up looking down the Baakens Valley from the Walmer side.  For those who aren't sure where this is, that is Upper Valley Road leading down towards Bridge Street with the harbour giraffes in the background.

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Looking down on Walmer

In yesterday's post I showed you a photo I took while out on a bit of a Geocaching adventure looking down at Target Kloof.  Today's pic was taken from exactly the same spot but this time looking down on Walmer.  The Baakens Valley leading up towards Dodd's Farm is on the left with the river visible right in the centre of the picture.

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Looking down on Target Kloof

On Saturday morning I went on a little Geocaching expedition at the bottom of Target Kloof.  I had to follow a path to the top of the cliffs overlooking the surrounding suburb and river below and ended up snapping this pic from close to the cache location.  Now I would never have seen this view if it wasn't for the cache.  #justsaying  

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Looking down the Baakens Valley

At had a meeting with Nadine of Passing the Open Window, a fellow travel blogger, yesterday and got to take this photo from their balcony looking down the Baakens Valley towards the harbour.  Nice!

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Baakens Bench

A bench ideal for contemplation.  The difference between this one and others with similar views is that you don't have to hike for an hour to get to it to enjoy it.  It's located next to the Baakens Valley on the corner at the bottom of 2nd Avenue and Fordyce Road in Walmer

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Early morning robots

One of the things I like most about the school holidays is the fact that there is so much less traffic on the way to work in the mornings.  This morning I stopped at the Walmer Library to replace a Geocache that needed some maintenance and snapped a picture of a road with absolutely no traffic. Well, not a real road though but the one where the kiddies go and ride their bicycles.

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Then and Now – Target Kloof

I am sure all of us who live in Port Elizabeth drive through Target Kloof between Walmer and the Central / Cape Road area every now and then.  Some on a more regular basis than others.  But do we ever think about the history of the road and area? Probably not.  So here is a tidbit of history.  Although I couldn't find any info on where Target Kloof got its name from, I have found that on 22 April 1896…


Sunset up Heugh Road

Last night the third Travel Massive Port Elizabeth event took place at The Mad Hatter on Heugh Road in Walmer.  Travel Massive is a world wide network of travel industry insiders and local chapters organise free networking events allowing people in the travel industry to get together, network, share information and, ultimately, do business.  I am one of the Travel Massive Port Elizabeth chapter leaders and last night's event was one of four events taking place at the same time…

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Walmer mini robots

The kiddies bike path in front of the Walmer Library is the perfect spot to teach your kids about the rules of the road.  I think the best thing about it is the working traffic lights.  Although the KidZ are now too big to go and ride bike there, I stopped there last weekend to check up on a Geocache I have in the area and decided to snap a pic.  No kiddies riding around today though. 

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