Going on a game drive at Kuzuko Lodge

Over the Zuurberg mountains in the southern part of the Eastern Cape's Karoo Heartland lies a place of glory. That bit should actually be written with caps as Kuzuko Lodge's slogan is Place of Glory. Most game reserves are located in a part of the province where lush subtropical thicket vegetation is prevalent which makes Kuzuko different. Wide-open spaces, sparse vegetation, dry climate and often warmer temperatures. Due to this Kuzuko doesn't have big numbers of animals like the other…


Zebra in Addo

The age old question about zebra that every tourist guide asks his guests when driving through Addo Elephant National Park. Is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Today I want to share with you some "Did you know?" facts about these donkeys in pajamas. Addo's zebra are Burchell's zebra (Equus quagga burchellii) and is a southern subspecies of the plains zebra. It is named after the British explorer and naturalist William John Burchell. Zebra stripe patterns are…

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Donkey in pajamas

The Burchell's Zebra or plains zebra is the most common zebra found on the game reserves surrounding Port Elizabeth.  Tourists just love seeing donkeys in pajamas and game rangers have so many stories, facts and jokes to tell about them.



Donkeys in pajamas must be one of the animals that visitors to game reserves love seeing most.  The Burchell's Zebra is the most common zebra that you will find in the game reserves of the Eastern Cape.  They are identifiable by the fact that the stripes go all the way underneath their stomachs and by the brownish phantom stripes visible on their wide white stripes.The endangered Cape Mountain Zebra are found only on a few game reserves in the province. …


Burchell’s Zebra

On our visit to Addo Elephant National Park the other day we found a couple of Burchell's Zebra browsing on an open field just past the Marion Brie waterhole. The Burchell's Zebra is the most common zebra in South Africa and are normally found in short grassland areas within savanna woodlands and grassland plains. The body stripes (each individual have a unique set of stripes, very much like fingerprints) of the Burchell's Zebra is less numerous and broader than that…


Two headed Zebra?

Tonight I'm just having some fun. On one of the game drives last week I took a pic of a two headed zebra. Well, not really. Duh... But the moment I took the photo I saw the potential on what some photo shop work can do to the pic. Alas, I don't have Photoshop. I really need to get it. So I used Coral Photo-Paint and this is the result. Its not something I've done much of before, but its…