Two headed Zebra?

Tonight I’m just having some fun. On one of the game drives last week I took a pic of a two headed zebra. Well, not really. Duh… But the moment I took the photo I saw the potential on what some photo shop work can do to the pic. Alas, I don’t have Photoshop. I really need to get it. So I used Coral Photo-Paint and this is the result. Its not something I’ve done much of before, but its not a bad job even if I have to say so myself.

Above is the phenomenon of the two headed zebra (no lion will ever sneak up on him) and below is the original picture.

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  1. Jo

    Okay, it’s official. You have the most beautiful blog in the blogosphere.I have not been able to blog for the past few days, so I am doing some catching up. Your past few posts are amazing.The pictures of the lions and tigers are just wonderful…!And the goats heads. Not exactly what I would prefer on my menu, but….Fabulous!

  2. Ken

    Good shot, very funny. I would like to be able shot zebras in the wild.

  3. callyjean

    Geez! I love your two headed Zebra – you should enter it into some or the other photo competition – It’s a brilliant capture!

  4. Ann

    Excellent… know what they say ” two heads are better than one”.

  5. Karin

    Bwahaha, that is excellent!!! You did a fabulous job with the editing, love it.

  6. Suzi-k

    cool, and i’m glad you showed the original too so I could see how you did it! Well spotted.