Wild Coast Lizard

There aren't any crocodiles on the Wild Coast, but I did see one of their small cousins though

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I checked a Boomslang

Spending the weekend in St Francis a couple of weeks ago I was looking out a window after breakfast when I saw something drop from the tree down onto the paving.  I quickly stepped right up to the window for a closer look and spotted a boomslang slither along the wall.  I quickly grabbed my camera and ran outside just in tome to see him disappear into the shrubs in the flower bed.  I got the long lens onto the…


Hibernating snails

One of the beauties of travelling is exploring and discovering new places and things.  I dropped my mom off in Despatch after a visit and swung through town to pick up a Geocache I hadn't ticked off my list.  I parked next to a couple of Coral Trees (Lucky Bean Trees as some people know them) and on my way back to the car noticed a whole bunch of snails on one of the trees.  And when I say a…


Blue head lizard

Spending the weekend at Ann's Villa just north of the Zuurberg Mountains in the southern Karoo, I discovered this little dude enjoying the afternoon sun.  He allowed me to take out my camera and snap a couple of pictures of him, even lifting up his head for a better pose.  Now I'm not a lizard expert but I'm sure it's a Agama.  Whether it's a Southern rock agama or a Blue headed tree agama I'm not too sure.  Going by pictures I have…

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Ranger’s Toad

The Ranger's Toad, also known as the Raucous Toad (Amietophrynus rangeri), is one of our most common toad found in South Africa.  If you live close to a pond, dam or stream and hear a loud, incessant duck-like quacking at night then you now know what makes the sound.  As toads go its fairly aquatic and will be found close to water just about anywhere in South Africa.  Interestingly if injured it will exude whitish spots of venom on the parotoid glands which means…



A quick trip out on the Elandsrivier road outside Port Elizabeth meant that I had to do a little bit of dirt road that morning.  On the way back I noticed something on the road which looked like a stick and I have it a wide berth not wanting to damage a tyre. As I flew by I noticed the stick wasn't a stick at all but a puffadder crossing the road.The puffadder (Bitis arietans)  is probably one of if not…


Die padda wou gaan opsit….

Een van die heel eerste fotos wat ek geneem het toe ek my eerste digitale kamera gekoop het was 'n padda in 'n poel onder 'n waterval in die Tsitsikamma-nasionalepark.  Elke keer as die na die foto kyk dan hoor ek die kinderliedjie van die padda wat wou gaan opsit.  So sommer net vir snaaks wees plaas ek die liedjie se woorde.Die padda wou gaan opsit by sy nooi in die vlei aham,die padda wou gaan opsit by sy nooi in die…

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Is dit net ek of sien mens nie meer so baie verkleurmannetjies soos in die verlede nie?  Ek onthou hoe gereeld ons verkleurmannetjies in ons tuin gehad het toe ek 'n kind was, maar ek kan nie dink dat ek al een gesien het in die sewe jaar wat ek in my huidige huis bly nie.  Hier onder is twee wat ek oor die laaste paar jaar teegekom het.  Verskoon asseblief as die name nie perfek is nie. Suidelike Dwergverkleurmannetjie gesien in…

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Painted Reed Frog

Admiring the little spekboom trees in one of the local plant nurseries the other day, a slight movement caught my eye.  A little Painted Reed Frog was sitting on one of the branches and tried his best to be invisible when I brought the camera closer. Painted Reed Frogs are found from Swaziland in the north to as far south as Port Elizabeth.  While those in the north are striped, the painted reed frogs in the Eastern Cape are spotted.  They normally…


Baby Lizard

We have quite a few lizards (mostly Tropical House Geckos) who live around the house and although the Damselfly isn't always too comfortable with them coming in the house, we know that they catch unwelcome insects like mozzies. I found this baby gecko the other day and unlike his adult relatives, he sat still for me to get a photo.