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Ouma Dora's grave

The grave of Ouma Dora Jacobs in Somerset East

I have a particular interest in historic graves. They often tell a tale of an era long past in a way books can't. But sometimes a grave from the modern era holds just as many stories. Such a grave I found in Somerset East, set back in the trees at the end of a lane next to the Somerset East Museum. This is the grave of Ouma Dora Dotyi Jacobs who at the time of her death at the ripe…

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Tracking and double tots at Samara

Rangers are like the cowboys of a game reserve with their game viewing vehicle as their steed, a cap rather than a cowboy hat and bino's at their side in the place of a revolver. But what about the dude sitting on the bonnet jump seat? Is he the Tonto to our Lone Ranger? Who is the guy with the thing in his hand that looks like a tv aerial? What is he supposed to do? Why does he get…

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Exploring the Qolora River on the Wild Coast

If there is an area I'm definitely planning to get to know better then it's the Wild Coast.  Earlier in the year while on a roadtrip to Durban, I spent a night at Trennerys Hotel at the mouth of the Qolora River, not far north of the Great Kei River Mouth.  As I pulled in fairly latish in the afternoon, it meant that I had limited time to explore before sunset and had to make a choice between heading down…

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People of PE – Serving prawns at Cubata

Cubata Portuguese Grill house in Sydenham is fast becoming a real institution on the Port Elizabeth restaurant scene.  Just don't go there if you're looking for sophistication and service excelence.  But who needs that?  The restaurant is very informal and patrons bring along their own drinks (there is also a self service honosty cold drink fridge for those who arrive empty handed).  Seeting is on wooden benches and the waiter is the owner himself, so don't "pop" by if you are in…

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Ronnie and his Sex Shop

I have passed Ronnie's Sex Shop on Route 62 close to Barrydale so often but *sticks head in a hole* have never pulled over for a look.  Yes, shame on me.  But if you don't know what Ronnie's Sex Shop is, don't think it was a case of wanting to stop there to have a look at kinky toys and lingerie.  Because that's not what Ronnie's Sex Shop is about.  So what is it about?  Let me tell you the story…


Surf photography

The Pride went to Pollok Beach last weekend and I took a walk down to Pipe with Drama Princess to go and watch the surfers.  I can't say I was very surprised to find Luc Hosten, The Godfather of PE Photography (Friends of Schoenmakerskop), snapping away as the surfers rode the waves.

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Baby hands

Today is Youth Day here in South Africa. Youth Day commemorates the start of the Soweto riots of 1976. The iconic picture of Hector Pieterson, a black schoolchild shot by the police, brought home to many people within and outside South Africa the brutalities of the Apartheid regime. I have done a post on the Hector Pieterson Memorial in Soweto, Johannesburg before which can be seen by clicking on the link above. I didn't have anything youthy to post today,…


Golden stroll

On Sunday afternoon I joined a group of photographers for a photo walk on the Sacramento Trail in Schoenmakerskop here in Port Elizabeth. (And no, I wasn't intimidated by all the big cameras. Size doesn't matter.) We went as far as the Sacramento wreck monument and then headed back to Schoenies to get some sunset photos. It is amazing how everybody came up with different angles and compositions for their photos. Here is one of my favorites from the walk.…


King P Fashion Design

Another one of the street vendors (see Fruit Vendor) from Govan Mbeki Avenue in the city centre. This dude does alterations to clothes and the fact that he is using a antique Singer machine just fascinated me. The sign in front of his table says: King P Fashion Design - Alteration. I know this is Port Elizabeth Daily Photo (as in one photo a day), but I couldn't resist placing a second pic just to show where his stall is…