Ronnie and his Sex Shop

I have passed Ronnie’s Sex Shop on Route 62 close to Barrydale so often but *sticks head in a hole* have never pulled over for a look.  Yes, shame on me.  But if you don’t know what Ronnie’s Sex Shop is, don’t think it was a case of wanting to stop there to have a look at kinky toys and lingerie.  Because that’s not what Ronnie’s Sex Shop is about.  So what is it about?  Let me tell you the story in a nutshell.  Some years ago a guy called Ronnie decided to fix up an old building next to the popular Route 62 to turn it into a farm stall and sell fresh fruit, produce and perhaps a couple of odd souvenirs to passing motorists . Nearing completion Ronnie painted the name Ronnie’s Shop on the wall, but a couple of his friends decided to pull a prank on good ol’ Ronnie. They added the word SEX next to the name and thus changing it to Ronnie’s Sex Shop. Ronnie was shocked and angry, but as he had more urgent work to do he never got around to changing the name again. Passers by would stop and ask after the name and an interest in it started before he was even open.   One night over a braai and a couple of drinks one of his friends suggested that he drop the whole farm stall idea and just open a pub. The rest, as they say, is history.

My eyes popped open when I walked in because the decor in the pub at Ronnie’s is somewhat… uhm… well, different.  The walls are covered in graffiti and messages, business cards and money from all over the world while the ceiling isn’t visible because of all the shirts and bras (yes, yes, there is lingerie contrary to what I said earlier) hanging from it.  All pieces “donated” and signed by visitors.

In the room next to the bar there is just about no space left on the walls because of all the messages.  Its enough to make one’s eyes cross and head spin.  But Ronnie’s isn’t just a pub.  There is a little restaurant, called Roadkill, as well where you can grap a pizza or hamburger while enjoying a drink from the pub.


The highlight for me wasn’t just finally seeing what Ronnie’s was about, but actually meeting the man himself.  Ronnie even agreed to pose for a picture when I asked him.  And again with Chaos Boy and later again with Drama Princess.  The two of them was just fascinated with him.

So next time you drive through the Klein Karoo down Route 67, make sure you you pull over and say hi to Ronnie and his Sex Shop.

Check out Avril’s post about Ronnie’s on Mom’s Meanderings for some more pictures

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  1. The Guy

    What a great story. I bet Ronnie has never looked back and thanks his friends now.

  2. Gaelyn

    I may have to backtrack just to see this crazy place.

  3. Nat

    I've driven past there but never stopped…. I really have to next time!

  4. Avril

    Ooh I have pics too which I never blogged about .. but you are lucky to have met the chappie himself!!! Takes a while to comment – sometimes word verification is hard to read 🙂 but I understand the spam thing! I get many daily too – on wordpress there is a 'whatever it would be called' where all the spam goes and I delete them from there

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