Golden stroll

On Sunday afternoon I joined a group of photographers for a photo walk on the Sacramento Trail in Schoenmakerskop here in Port Elizabeth. (And no, I wasn’t intimidated by all the big cameras. Size doesn’t matter.) We went as far as the Sacramento wreck monument and then headed back to Schoenies to get some sunset photos. It is amazing how everybody came up with different angles and compositions for their photos. Here is one of my favorites from the walk. If you want to see more of the pictures taken by the photographers on the walk, visit the Friends of Schoenmakerskop page on Facebook.

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  1. Marcelle

    *giggle* size doesn't matter, who told you that?????? ;)Looks like a great experience..wish we had something like that here.

  2. Gaelyn

    It's really not the camera but the photographer's eye, and you certainly have that Jonker.So we have a Sacramento California. Is this the ships name?

  3. Charne

    Beautiful photo! Well done!!!!

  4. Zane

    How come I was not invited? Bigger cameras and lens have pros and cons – bigger bag, more to carry.There is a book – The Guns of Sacramento – which details this wreck, the salvage, the trek by the survivors (1000 miles to Maputo then Lorenzo Marques – Mozambique), and includes the history of the vessel, the cannons, the voyage from Macau.The sistership, the Atalaya, also ran aground and went to its watery grave near the Fish River. There is a lighthouse near to the place where the Atalaya's voyage ended. The Atalaya struck the Rij Banks (approximately 15 kilometres outside Algoa Bay) and strangely headed back in a northerly (north west) direction. The year was 1647.

  5. Marka

    Very nice! An excellent photo!