Dead Man’s Tongue

Here is just a fun post for you. The common name for this undersea plant (or seaweed) is Dead Man's Tongue. It grows on the ocean floor (standing on its foot with the tongue bit pointing up) and gets detached in rough seas and washed onto the shore. As it grows quite deep it doesn't really get much sunlight and doesn't get a green, orange or red colour like most other sea weeds. When they wash up they have this…


Rock pool fishing

Who has never chased little fish around rock pools with a net before? I always think the poor little fish living in these rock pools must be so stressed. I would go swimming for cover every time I see a couple of kids with a bright net coming my way as well. Here the Drama Princess is watching Gem Girl chasing the poor little fish around their pool.


Beach reflextion

Drama Princess loves being outside and would swim every day if she could. As long as its in a pool. She's still very wary of the sea and would rather play in the sand than go in the water.


Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Drama Princess turned 4 yesterday (Friday 20 Feb) and I am starting to shop around for a really big gun. You know the kind of gun that won't just scare would be suitors off, but will keep them away as well. Birthday parties have very much become tradition with our family. We let the kids choose what kind of party they want. This year she chose a Teddy Bear Picnic party. The kids arrived and played, jumped on the trampoline…


Drama Princess a hopping

As most of my regular visitors may know, I'm not a big "people" photographer and prefer travel and nature photos. I am always in awe at Jeanette and Karin when their post their people pics, most of which feature their kids. They are always so creative and imaginative compared to my straight forward pics I take of my kids. Some of which I occasionally post on the Firefly Personal (B)log, Supplemental. I have decided to make a concertive effort to…