Beach reflextion

Drama Princess loves being outside and would swim every day if she could. As long as its in a pool. She’s still very wary of the sea and would rather play in the sand than go in the water.

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  1. Janet

    Bless her heart! My niece is also wary of the sea. Those are such sweet photos!

  2. Avril

    The sea is very scary for littlies usually!! Lovely photos!! I just love reflections on wet sand.The colours are lovely and bright!

  3. Marcelle

    I'm mad about reflections…these are stunning, love the name you have for her…*giggle*Oh trust me I dont expect you to read any of the diet stuff on my blog…so am happy that you come by and look at my photo's.

  4. Gaelyn

    I can empathise with her hesitation. I too love to swim, but the ocean is not my favorite. I find the salt water kind of icky on my skin, plus there's that pull and pulse of the water.Great shots, love the reflections.

  5. Zane

    I am prepared to give sea water lessons. I think the top photo is excellent. Creative.

  6. What a great life for a child Jonker. I can see she loves the outdoors by that gold streaked hair and suntan.

  7. leilani

    For the future.. she will watch the sea.. her caution and respect for the ocean will be rewarded! Her caution of the ocean before her now makes her way wise for her age!

  8. Marka

    Not that there's anything wrong with sitting and letting your toes play in the sand and the surf.Cheers!

  9. Dot

    That photo of your daughter sitting in the sand alone just looking at everyone in the sea is just precious! Hope you keep this one special to show her when she's all grown up…it speaks volumes!

  10. leonnybg

    Good! I have one photo like this with my son. 🙂