Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Drama Princess turned 4 yesterday (Friday 20 Feb) and I am starting to shop around for a really big gun. You know the kind of gun that won’t just scare would be suitors off, but will keep them away as well.
Birthday parties have very much become tradition with our family. We let the kids choose what kind of party they want. This year she chose a Teddy Bear Picnic party. The kids arrived and played, jumped on the trampoline and had a dip in the pool. Then proceedings started with a picnic along with their teddies before we handed out the party packs.
The picnic consisted of cupcakes and “tea” served in Megan’s play tea sets.
The tea was red grape juice that was poured out of a teapot into the little cups. The kids just loved it.

We also had a fashion competition for the kids with their teddies. The kids had to walk with their teddies through the lounge past all the adults, who was clapping and cheering. We didn’t think they would, but everybody played along very nicely. Here is my niece with her teddy, dressed to match.

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  1. Avril

    Aaww! Cute! I love the ‘tea’ served in the little cups. What a special day for Megan – her choice too! Happy Birthday big girl! Wow – and she is such a pretty blondie! I agree – get a large gun and sit on your ‘porch’ and do not let them pass the front steps!

  2. Jenty

    That’s so sweet! Happy Birthday Megan!How clever is that tea thing?!

  3. Ann

    And you got to eat the cake too I see on FB, Happy Birthday, Birthday girl, love it all the cake and goodies great for kids and adults alike…have to say those cakes look …Mmmmm gorgeous …yum !

  4. { jamie }

    Adorable! And happy birthday to you little princess! ♥

  5. Marcelle

    Yes, you had better get that gun out!!! She is a beauty!!Love the party photo’s…looks like a Princess’s dream party to me.While in CT my granddaughter Amber, turn 4 in April…they sure are characters at this age and so demanding for one’s attention!!!

  6. Karin

    Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl! Looks like a great party!