Dead Man’s Tongue

Here is just a fun post for you. The common name for this undersea plant (or seaweed) is Dead Man’s Tongue. It grows on the ocean floor (standing on its foot with the tongue bit pointing up) and gets detached in rough seas and washed onto the shore. As it grows quite deep it doesn’t really get much sunlight and doesn’t get a green, orange or red colour like most other sea weeds. When they wash up they have this flesh colour. Drama Princess was quite a sport to pose with it although she was a bit grossed out.

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  1. Marcelle

    YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! that looks terrible!!

  2. leilani

    WOW i have never seen one of those! wonder what they eat?

  3. Dot

    I'm with Drama Princess…gross! Thanks for sharing…I think…

  4. Dot

    I'm with Drama Princess…gross! Thanks for sharing…I think…

  5. Avril

    Eeww!! you can tell by her fingers she's not liking the experience!!Realised I haven't popped in to see you for a while (having been away, and all!) Love Kenton on Sea photos – hubby and I MUST go there! With him retiring in July we would love to do a coastal trip – like retired people do ! going from one place to another at our leisure!

  6. Janet

    Eeeuw! Enough to put one right off tongue – the cooked one I mean! LOL! Funny picture! What a brave boy!