The lone fisherman

I popped down to the beach to get some sunset pictures and saw this lone fisherman walking along the shore with all his equipment. Probably on his way to his favorite fishing spot.

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  1. Marcelle

    oh wow this is amazing…love this photo.

  2. Avril

    Now THAT is beautiful !!! Perfect !!

  3. Ken

    That is a great shot!

  4. Zane

    Lovely, makes me want to be on leave and walk along the beach at sunset.

  5. Anonymous

    lovely picture. It took me back 50 years when I was fishing in PE.I am now back in France and I called my house “Swartkop”

  6. Jo

    That is one of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen. You have a wonderful eye.I have been looking back over your other posts, catching up. My goodness you live in a beautiful country. My grandmother was born in Stellenbosch. I have often wanted to vist the Western Cape, so looking at your pictures is a thrill for me.

  7. Marka

    Such peaceful scenes are relaxing indeed, much like fishing.

  8. Marcelle

    I have to say this…EK IS LIEF VIR JOU…*Giggle*You made me LAUGH not only smile with your supportive comment.Thanks so much, what you say is so try…and I missed not putting a picture with that entry….LOL..

  9. What a great capture – suc ha stunning image!!!!Gena @ Thinking Alouda photoblogSouth AFrica

  10. Tami

    WOW!I do have a question…was the vignetting due to the lens or did you add that in post?Lovely colors….right time right place for sure!