Arch Rock near Plettenberg Bay – best done at low tide

One of the Garden Route attractions I haven't had a chance to visit is Cathedral Rock (also called Arch Rock) at Keurboomstrand near Plettenberg Bay. It's not for a lack of trying though. Arch Rock is only accessible at low tide and we've never spent a couple of days in Plett so it's only been a quick attempt while passing through if there was time. This time around I had the afternoon in town before picking my daughter up from…

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Sunset at Sards

Watching the sunset from the dunes at Sards in Port Elizabeth is becoming just as popular as the sunset on Signal Hill in Cape Town.

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Beautiful beaches

It is sad to see Port Elizabeth's beaches empty in summer due to Covid19, but whether empty or full of sun worshippers, they stay exotically beautiful.

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Longing for the beach at dusk

So the beaches have been closed by our brilliant government leaving the kids to looking longingly at the Covid infected sandy areas from the safety bubble of the walk literally meters away. At least they could enjoy the sunset and the view at dusk and weren't chased away by the brave police force taking their lives into their hands by making sure the dangerous general populous looking at the beach think of going down there like they did all along…

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The top of Pollok Beach

The top of Pollok Beach, spelled without a "c", with the lollipop beacon in the background. Pollok Beach was named after the Hotel Pollok that used to stand where the present Summer Seas complex is today. As development slowly started to happen in Summerstrand in the 1920s, Mr. J. Graham Wilson took advantage of a stipulation that this specific site could be developed as a hotel and constructed Hotel Pollok. Being Glaswegian, Wilson spelt the word Pollok without a ā€œcā€…

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A white December in PE?

December is the start of summer which means that, obviously, we celebrate a beach Christmas rather than a white one like in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Today is anything but a early summers day though. The south-easterly is pumping properly, the sea looks lank angry and foam is being washed and blown onto the beach. I took a drive down to Pollok Beach and found the beach by the gap in the rock covered in snow... Well, not…

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First swim of (not yet) summer

For the last week one waking up out of a Rip von Winkel sleep could easily have thought it was summer here in Port Elizabeth. It's been hot and humid. We headed down to Schoenies this afternoon and rather than just getting our feet wet, we went for a swim at the Tanks. First swim of the season.

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Fun on the Maitland dune

There is nothing more fun for a kid, and I say kid liberally as some of us adults are still kids at heart as well, than to go and climb the Maitland sand dune on a Sunday morning. Even better, take an old boogie board or carton box along and go and slide down the dune. And if you don't have one of those, just run full tilt and jump.

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My name is Firefly and I like long walks on the beach

Maitland Beach stretching off toward Blue Horizon Bay One of the things I missed most under lock down is going for a walk, and with that I don't mean taking the dogs for a walk around the block. With restrictions lifting a bit and being allowed to go for a hike again, I'm keen to get into one of the nature reserves around PE and to hit a trail. What I miss most though is a long walk on the…

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Oupa en Ouma sit op die strand

There is a fun little Afrikaans rhyme that starts with "Oupa en Ouma sit op die stoep..." (Grandpa and Grandma sit on the porch) and it was this rhyme that popped into my mind on Sunday when I saw this elderly couple sitting on the rocks at the beach.

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