Longing for the beach at dusk

So the beaches have been closed by our brilliant government leaving the kids to looking longingly at the Covid infected sandy areas from the safety bubble of the walk literally meters away.

At least they could enjoy the sunset and the view at dusk and weren’t chased away by the brave police force taking their lives into their hands by making sure the dangerous general populous looking at the beach think of going down there like they did all along the Nelson Mandela Bay coastline yesterday. Even harassing people taking a break on benches overlooking the sea while they were nowhere to be seen when my neighbor and her children were hijacked and robbed at Walmer township dropping off her domestic. The priorities in this country is totally skewed. Let me go get on a fully loaded taxi with its windows closed and driver not wearing a mask to walk around a crowded shopping centre. Apparently is safer than going for a walk on the beach or through a nature reserve.