Surfs up and coffee is served

I’m not a surfer nor have I ever tried to surf.  Not that I wouldn’t want to try, I just never had the opportunity.  I don’t get to stop down at Pipe that often so last week I pulled in to grab a photo or two.  Parked in the parking lot is a coffee trailer which I bet does a roaring trade when the guys come out the water all wet and cold.  
I wanted to get a photo and chat to the guy a little bit to get some info to post here, but wow! What a grumpy oke!  He’s coffee must be good cause he’s definitely not pulling the clientele with his sparkling personality.  He grunted a yes when I asked if it’s ok to snap a picture and then got up from behind his counter and turned his back on me.  Oh well, picture without any additional info on him it is then.   

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  1. Digitjogboy

    no pill for stupid, free publicity goes a long way