Bini’s Tea Garden in Nieu-Bethesda

How boring is life if one never explores? How much would we miss out on if we didn't? Nieu-Bethesda may be small but there are so many things to see and places to check out. Although I've been to the village a couple of times, the Damselfly hadn't seen much of it so I loaded her in the car for a drive around on a recent visit. We drove up to the township for the view back to town and…

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Car wash waiting room

With the drought and accompanying water restrictions I have refrained from washing my car in my support for saving water.  Unfortunately it got to the point where my car started becoming an embarrassment so I popped by Soapy Joe car wash in Circular Drive.  While they returned my car to respectability I had look around and was very impressed with the facility they have at Soapy Joe's.  In addition to the standard outside benches, they also have a little coffee…

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Breakfast views on the beachfront

This morning I joined a couple of colleagues for breakfast at Angelo's on the beachfront to celebrate one of their birthdays.  Sitting there watching a couple of dolphins pass by we all just realised again how privileged we are living in this beautiful coastal city where we can sit and have a meal with a view like this. 

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The story of Mastertons

[youtube=]This past week the iconic Port Elizabeth coffee roastery, Mastertons, launched their new proudly Port Elizabeth BLEND OF THE BAY coffee mix.  Mastertons have been around the city since 1924 and for today's Video Friday post I am posting a video by Lunaticscentral featuring owner James Masterton relating the history of Mastertons and some of his memories and plans.

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Surfs up and coffee is served

I'm not a surfer nor have I ever tried to surf.  Not that I wouldn't want to try, I just never had the opportunity.  I don't get to stop down at Pipe that often so last week I pulled in to grab a photo or two.  Parked in the parking lot is a coffee trailer which I bet does a roaring trade when the guys come out the water all wet and cold.  I wanted to get a photo and…

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A new coffee shop at the Athenaeum

There seems to be a coffee shop around every second corner these days, so you tend to look for the special ones.  Last week I got to visit the newest one in town and it may just become one of those special ones.  It is located inside the historic Athenaeum building in Central and is called Bakery Treats.  I was there on the first day and they are still getting their ducks in a row, but they will be open…

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Coffee with Geocachers

I joined a couple of my fellow Geocachers for a lunch time coffee "event" at the new Urban Express Coffee Shop at the Donkin Village development.  I can see this spot becoming very popular, specially for meetings over coffee, seeing its location and how central it is.  And yes, that's our bunch on the right.

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Friendly Stranger fare

Third post about the Friendly Stranger this week so by now it's not really a stranger anymore.  I met my friends Poekie and Shefetswe for coffee and to discuss a bit of work (seeing that we're all in the same industry).  Shefetswe had the breaky while Poekie and I decided to try out their cakes. Ok, so I had a taste before I took the photo.  

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A Friendly Stranger and the Fig Tree

Down at the bottom of the Baakens Valley in front of the Bridge Street complex, stands a little historic building next to a Wild Fig tree.  I joined a couple of friends for coffee there the other day and was just reminded once again what a love little coffee shop this is.  But it's not just about coffees and cakes.  There menu has some truly delectable dishes on it so next time you're looking for a place to sit and…

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