Going surfing in Coffee Bay

One of the very popular activities to do when young international backpackers visit Coffee Bay is to learn to surf.  Most of the backpacker lodges in the area offer surf lessons and there is always somebody walking around with a surfboard either heading for the waves or out of it.  This young lady just finished her surf and was making her way back to where her friends were waiting for her. Now surfing is something I have never tried and…

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Learning to surf in PE with the guys from Chasing the Rainbow

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2frVCrCcfGs&w=500&h=400]I love the fact that the family from Chasing the Rainbow also do video posts in addition to their general travel blogs and today I feature one of their videos as my Video Friday post again.  With non of them having surfed before they decided to go for a surfing lesson at Oceanside Surf Store at Kings Beach using the Nelson Mandela Bay 5 in 1 Pass.

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Surfs up and coffee is served

I'm not a surfer nor have I ever tried to surf.  Not that I wouldn't want to try, I just never had the opportunity.  I don't get to stop down at Pipe that often so last week I pulled in to grab a photo or two.  Parked in the parking lot is a coffee trailer which I bet does a roaring trade when the guys come out the water all wet and cold.  I wanted to get a photo and…

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The pipe at Pipe

Pipe at Pollok each is probably Port Elizabeth's best known and most popular surf spot.  But have you eve wondered where Pipe got it's name from? The perfect barrel (like a pipe) to surf?  Piping hot waves?  Waves piping in one after another? (Is there even a saying like that?) Nope, it's very simple.  There is a storm water pipe covered in concrete that flows out in the sea at the surf spot and right in the middle of the…

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Surfing at Pipe

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-yV_gfsZ3o&w=500&h=400]I'm not a surfer.  I've never even had the opportunity to try.  I really enjoy body surfing though but perhaps one day I'll try doing it on a board.  It doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching surfers.  Discovered this video of surfing at Pipe by Grant Beck.


The Surf ART project

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txoZy4tnCFA&w=500&h=400]Yesterday I spotted a post on local surf blog Millers Local's Facebook page with the Surf Art video.  Surf Art Animation is a project by PE surfer and artist Luc van der Walt.  True Colours-ART to uplift, developed an art project for little surfers, which was launched about 6 months ago with this animation. They have since worked with 3 groups in Cape Town and J-Bay.  They are now looking for sponsorship and funding so that the project can play out…

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A quick stop at Supertubes in Jbay

A week or so ago I attended the Kouga Baviaans Surf and Safari Marketing Association's AGM in Jeffreys Bay.  It was a perfect winters day and I decided to make a stop at Supertubes before heading back to Port Elizabeth.A deserted beach that was packed during the Jbay Open just a few weeks agoEnjoying one of the best right hand point breaks in the worldAloes on the coastline at Lower Point

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Surf lessons at Kings Beach

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry31qGdUGrQ&w=500&h=400]I was looking for a video to post for today's Video Friday post and found this one of a surfing lesson at Kings Beach on Blake T's YouTube channel.  I've never surfed in my life but perhaps it is time for me to try.  The lessons look like fun.

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Kings Beach and Fence surf spot

I wonder how many PE people have ever walked all the way down Kings Beach right up to the harbour wall.  I did it a little while ago on a beautiful day and took this picture looking back along the beach from on top of the wall.Right next to the harbour wall is a surf spot called Fence.  Why is it called Fence?  The answer I got from local surf blog Millers Local.Back before all the sand built up against…

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