Don’t you just want to cuddle up to him? Well I wouldn’t dare, but this male white lion at Seaview Preditor Park does look very inviting to cuddle up with for a bit of a afternoon snooze.  Also just want to wish Drama Princess a happy 8th birthday today.  My little girl is getting big very quickly.

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  1. Jo

    I hope this comment isn't a repeat! Previously I said: Eish, I wouldn't cuddle that lion either. Happy Birthday to Drama Princess. Our oldest grandchild, a girl, will be ten in March. It seems like yesterday we welcomed her into our family!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I have to agree the lion does look like a big cuddly toy but!!!!! It is a bit like a cuddly bear!! Diane

  3. Stefan Jansson

    Sure looks like the lion is comfy. Congrats to your daughter.

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